• Service Matters

Come on! The show has started. The shop is open. People are coming in. They have lots of money and won't be happy until its all spent on good value products and services.

Smile. You're on camera. Dance. You're on stage. Sing. Tape is rolling. You're in front of the microphone. Strut your stuff! Get out that special magic that is your best.

This ebook is about your 'essence'. You've got it whether you like the idea or not. And it shines through when it comes to customer service. Customer Service is not something you fake.  ou either care or you don't. Care or not. There is no pretend. And if you care not then please do the rest of us a favour and go away. However, for those of you who do care, this ebook covers:

  • Is the Customer Always Right?  I think not...
  • How Hard Is It to be Better?
  • Why We Don't Give Great Service - 10 reasons
  • Great Service - No Matter Your Budget
  • Wake Up!
  • How To Give Great Service Without Going Broke! - 8 How To's



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Service Matters

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