Bag Stuffers are a most under-rated marketing tool.  Somehow we seem to have forgotten about them.  So I thought I'd re-introduce you to these cost-effective marketing miracles...

What is a Bag Stuffer?
A bag stuffer is a store offer or a calendar of store events/promotions on a  piece of paper that is given to every customer who buys from you.  And, unlike its name, its not to be stuffed willynilly into a bag - nor are you to ever be tempted to pre-stuff your shopping bags!

An Offer
Ensure your bagstuffers are visual (including photos)and include your logo and all contact details of your shop (this includes your website, facebook page, twitter name, instagram link...).  They are easily made.  You can design a bag stuffer on your computer as a word document - either one A4 stuffer or multiple bag stuffers on one page - simply guillotine them after you've printed them on your COLOUR printer.  Better still, design them (or get them designed) and either email through to your local printer or put them on a usb stick and walk it up to your printer.  Shoddy, black and white photocopies won't work.  

Remember:  Paper has TWO sides.  Maximise both sides of the stuffer ... don't just use one side.

Calendar of Events/Promotions
Once you've planned out your events, special offers and promotions - put them onto a month at a glance calendar and use it as a bag stuffer.  

How to Maximise Results from Bag Stuffers
Instead of hurriedly stuffing your offers/promotions into a bag, train your staff to physically hand the bag stuffer to your customers, saying a few words about the offer or promotion.  Ensure all staff know what you want said...

Why do BagStuffers work?
Because you're giving them to EXISTING customers - people who already shop with you.   And you're giving them a reason to come back!  And because you've handed it to them, they're more likely to look at it, tuck it away and remember your offer...

Give it some serious thought ... used properly they'll increase sales!