Do NOT believe the hipster dudes and dudettes who tell you that business cards are a thing of the past, dead, gone. They're not. They're a MARKETING TOOL.  And small-medium retailers need to use them as such.   

I've given up the number of times I've tossed someone's business card into the bin because they're missing an email address or don't have their name on the card.  WHAT THE!!!   Particularly ridiculous when they've handed me their card, asking me to send them stuff.  Who to? How?  And, NO, I am not sending hard copies of slide presentations to sit unopened in their ever-growing unopened mail pile!

One hipster dude wanted me to send him stuff, no business card (because they're soooo yesterday).  He rattled off his website, "all my details are on there".  "Goodoh" said I as my attention was taken by someone else.   10 minutes later, no memory of his website.  Good one hipster dude!  (and no I'm not going to feed info into my phone when I have a line of people waiting to chat with me.  *sigh*)

Here are my tips regarding business cards:

Get your business cards designed.  Don't try and do it yourself.  Either go to a graphic artist or use a template offered by businesses such as Vista Print.   For those of you willing to invest in a graphic artist - ensure your card is memorable! - not simply words on a white card...

Get printed business cards for everyone who works for you regulary, whether they be casual, part-time or full-time.  Do NOT get blank cards and expect your staff to write their names on it.  They won't.  It sends a message of "I'm not valued enough by my employer to have my name printed on a business card".  


  • Your logo
  • First name and surname
  • Full address
  • Shop telephone number
  • Website (don't have one?  Really?  REALLY?)
  • Email address
  • Your major social media platform/s
  • Your Opening Hours

Leave the back blank so you can write messages and use them as bag stuffers or bounce backs.  Write thank you notes on the back to people who give you great service.  Use them as invitations to invite people to visit your shop.  Remember, they are a MARKETING TOOL!

Hand them out! And ALWAYS carry them with you.

** My card doesn't have a blank back (as you can see from the image). But I can still write across the back any particular message I want to give to the person I'm talking with... And although my card is cut into a different shape it still fits in wallets and business card holders.