Retailing is about selling. Everything we do is about having customers purchase merchandise from us.
We make our shops look nice so that customers will buy more merchandise.
We advertise so that more customers will buy.
We promote so that more customers will buy.

But if we do everything right - we have the best displays, the best location, the best advertising, the best promotions, the best merchandise, at the lowest possible price - and a staff member ignores or insults a customer - it's all for nothing.

Successful retailing depends on positive contact between the customer and staff. Think of selling as providing a service. After all, that's what your customers want.

 Great salespeople don't have a unique look - they just look like regular everyday people. But the one thing they all have in common is their desire to serve the customer and put the customer's needs and wants before their own.

What are the characteristics of a good salesperson?
They never ignore customers.
They greet customers by name, whenever possible.
They look professional. A professional appearance is vital to your shop's image and helps build your brand. It also establishes the sales staff as people who customers can count on for expert advice.
They understand the importance of serving customers.
They're friendly and willing to listen to customers.
They always suggest another item if the merchandise the customer wants is not available.
They look at each customer as having the potential of buying multiple items.
They always thank the customer.

Some Retail Selling Fundamentals:
One of the biggest mistakes many retailers make is to think that they're just selling merchandise. However, customers never buy the merchandise unless you do some other things first, including:

Yourself: Customers often judge the sales staff first. You need them to like you, respect you, or think you're a good person. If they don't like you, they won't buy from you.
Your Shop: Customers must have confidence in the shop before they'll buy any merchandise. If you say negative things about your shop, customers will never buy from you regardless how much they might like you. Never say anything bad about where you work because you only make yourself look like a twit.
An Experience: You have to make sure that customers enjoy themselves in your shop. If they don't, they won't buy anything. They can like you and like the shop, but if they have an unpleasant experience, you may lose their future business.

Because customers form their impressions so quickly, there's very little room for error. So, go to it - thrill your customers. It pays dividends!