Nick Crawford, Break O'Day Business Enterprise Centre

The Board and Staff of the Break O'Day BEC would like to thank you for participating in the Pathways to Prosperity Roadshow.

Bruce Billson, the Federal Minister for Small Business, gave you a huge wrap at the breakfast launch of our event and you lived up to every word of it.  The energy and passion you brought to every presentation from the first to the last was outstanding.  Your presentation style is extremely engaging and really powerful if participants are willing to be open to doing things a bit differently and or in an improved way.  It was great fun to have you along for the ride of the four days of the roadshow.  We needed an outstanding Keynote Speaker to hang our event on and you fitted the bill perfectly.

You helped us exceed our expectations in terms of quality and diversity of presenters and numbers attending.  The thirty sessions presented were attended by a total of 220 participants throughout the four days of the roadshow, including over 100 at the St Helens Gala Gathering.

We set out to inspire, inform and connect people and ideas for the pprupse of building upon the optimism and momentum that is evolving.  If attendees have taken away just one or two ideas and acted upon them, we will see a positive difference.  On the back of the feedback we have receiveed, the Break O'Day Business Enterprise Centre intends to grow this annual event into something of even greater signifcance, we see it becoming a great drawcard to the coast.

We certainly would be interested in seeking your involvement in future events.

Dina McGuiness - BOD BEC Chairperson  

Nick Crawford - BEC Manager

Steve Walley - Event Co-ordinator

12 December 2014