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Thirty Minutes With Debra

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Need a fresh set of eyes and ideas for your business? Have a 30 minute chat with me and see where it leads. Because I work with a wide and diverse mix of retailers (not to mention businesses in other industries) I see a lot, hear a lot and advise on all sorts of things. I’ve been doing so for the past 17 years.

This invitation is for a short time only. The offer is 30 minutes for $55. Interested?

Here’s how to be part of this invitation.

Leave your details below and pay your $55 via Paypal.  When you press Submit (below) you will be taken to the payment page.

Once I receive a notification of your interest I’ll send you a link with information for you to fill in for me. I’ll then review what you send me and make contact within 2 days (aside from weekends) to organise a time for our Thirty Minutes.

Retail Consulting

consulting1Tired of not getting the best out of your business? Then you might want to consider working with one of the best retail consultants in Australia, Debra Templar, founder of The Templar Group.  
"It doesn't matter whether your business is in retail, tourism, hospitality, services, small, home-based, trade-based, eBay-based, direct sales, IT, web-design, professional, in the city, or regional ... if you're spinning your wheels, you need help. Whether you need a short, sharp retweak or a more thorough investigation, we could have the answer!"
Our mission is to ensure that you love your business back to life with:
* Check-ups on your systems, tools and processes to ensure they’re designed to assist you rather than hinder you: ie you don’t have to spend ALL your time doing back office stuff;
* Tune-ups on the way you currently do business. Looking at your marketing, store layouts, financials, stock selection, visual merchandising, sales and service results and how to improve them;
* Make-overs where we put in seminars, coaching, mentoring or training programs for you and/or your staff to reinvigorate, refresh and renew.

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Social Media Consulting

social media for small businessSocial Media is about connecting. Connecting with your customers, your community, your industry – people! And everything is in real time.

I believe that social media is simply a continuance of the instore conversations you have with your customers every single day of the week. We need to ensure that you’re not ‘broadcasting’ or talking at them but rather communicating with them, ensuring your business is front-of-mind when they’re wanting your particular goods and/or services.

There has been much debate about Social Media and how it should be used by Australian retailers. Savvy retailers know they must begin to engage their customers through Social Media networks (such as Facebook/Twitter/Linked In) but most are unsure of the strategy to implement.

As a result there are businesses attempting to capitalise on the hysteria and quickly add a few bucks to their bottom line. The challenge? The proposed solutions are often misguided and provide little return on investment.

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Websites, ecommerce and mcommerce Consulting

ecommerce1THE key issue for small and independent retailers is engaging with e-commerce (online sellling) and mcommerce (online selling across mobiles). 

A lot of small retailers have a website (which is a good first step) - but they aren't selling from it.  Know that website surfing is the new 'window shopping'.

If your customers are telling you ‘we want to purchase your products online’ you must listen to them and do it. Not all customers buy purely on price.  A large percentage buy online because of convenience.  I know because I'm one of them.  

The advantage small and medium retailers have over larger multi-national chain stores is that you can often respond to customer demands much more directly and immediately than larger organisations.  A small retail owner can often get up in the morning, see an opportunity and be doing something about it by lunchtime. You can be more nimble and more focused than your competition.

We understand the demands of having a good e-commerce website that doesn’t cost the earth and is easy to use. And to that end we work with specialists in their field.  Website builders who understand small business, who don't 'geek speak' and who can teach you how to control every aspect of your site, including seo (search engine optimisation which means being found by the search engines rather than having an 'invisible' website) and google adwords.

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Business Reviews and Store Audits

handshakeaWhether you need:

  • A full and complete retail store audit
  • A service review
  • A sales review
  • A telephone/email service review
  • An image review utilising photos and/or video
  • A marketing review
  • A social media review
  • A website audit
  • Or a combination of any of the above

I can organise it for you. Simply fill in our Contact Form, and I’ll give you a call to discuss your needs.  Lets start the conversation...