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Retail Consulting

motivateTired of not getting the best out of your business? Then you might want to consider working with one of the best retail consultants in Australia, Debra Templar, founder of The Templar Group.  
"It doesn't matter whether your business is in retail, tourism, hospitality, services, small, home-based, trade-based, eBay-based, direct sales, IT, web-design, professional, in the city, or regional ... if you're spinning your wheels, you need help. Whether you need a short, sharp retweak or a more thorough investigation, we could have the answer!"
Our mission is to ensure that you love your business back to life with:
* Check-ups on your systems, tools and processes to ensure they’re designed to assist you rather than hinder you: ie you don’t have to spend ALL your time doing back office stuff;
* Tune-ups on the way you currently do business. Looking at your marketing, store layouts, financials, stock selection, visual merchandising, sales and service results and how to improve them;
* Make-overs where we put in seminars, coaching, mentoring or training programs for you and/or your staff to reinvigorate, refresh and renew.

Seriously, let’s reignite the joy of your business!
Here is a list of some of the topics we can delve into:
Policies, Procedures + Promises
Business Expenses and Cash Flow
Business Plan 
Service Provision
Existing Contracts
Stock Levels: too much stock, not enough, wrong stock mix?
Buying Systems: or not
Price Points
Portion Control + Menu (hospitality)

Time Management
Marketing Plan
Marketing Calendar
Marketing Tools
Business Image
Website + Database
Social Media presence

Marketing Results + Systems of Measurement
Sales Figures
Service Standards

Create & Implement
Action Plan + Timelines
Gaps as shown when the above areas has been undertaken

And it all starts with a chat.  Simply fill in our Contact Form and let's start a conversation."