Scott Dufty, Kingborough Community Enterprise Centre

Kingborough Community Enterprice Centre Inc (KCEC) provides business advice and assistance for small and medium businesses, either starting up, existing and or looking to expand.

Our basic philosophy is 'to promote business and employment opportunities in Kingborough and the Huon Valley'.

I first met Debra 7 years ago whilst she was hosting a seminar in Hobart and was so impressed by her that when the oportunity arose for me to hold such an event in the Huon Valley, Debra was my first choice.

I have utilised Debra's services for the following:

  • Hosting a business seminar on "How to maximise your business success"
  • The sole provider for an intensive business coaching program for 30 local businesses
  • The sole facilitator for a retail promotion entitled "Jingle Bells Christmas Sells"
  • General advice and critique assistance on all matters relating to projects and training etc. for local businesses.

The things I most like about Debra are:

  • She is genuinely eager to help businesses achieve their maximum success
  • She is punctual and precise
  • She know how to work with business with empathy yet also streching them to excel
  • She often goes the "extra mile" which is appreciated by all

I will continue to use Debra's services whenever I can and I am very happy to give this recommendation for Debra and invite you to contact me if you would like to discuss.

Scott Dufty
Kingborough Community Enterprise Centre
03 6229 9400


Ruth Speedy, Toorak Road South Yarra Business Association

Debra has given the organisation a totally new and concise approach to managing the Association's social media platforms. She has an incredible understanding of business and retail which is reflected in how the TRSY site looks and functions.

Debra's approach is clear and she is not afraid to comment on how functions could be managed more effectively.

In dealing with a wide variety of businesses she has been able to steer the Association's website and social media needs to ensure there is a comprehensive picture of the street and the messaging is current and developing an organic following. Great Work Deb.

Ruth Speedy - Toorak Road South Yarra Business Association

Nick Crawford, Break O'Day Business Enterprise Centre

The Board and Staff of the Break O'Day BEC would like to thank you for participating in the Pathways to Prosperity Roadshow.

Bruce Billson, the Federal Minister for Small Business, gave you a huge wrap at the breakfast launch of our event and you lived up to every word of it.  The energy and passion you brought to every presentation from the first to the last was outstanding.  Your presentation style is extremely engaging and really powerful if participants are willing to be open to doing things a bit differently and or in an improved way.  It was great fun to have you along for the ride of the four days of the roadshow.  We needed an outstanding Keynote Speaker to hang our event on and you fitted the bill perfectly.

You helped us exceed our expectations in terms of quality and diversity of presenters and numbers attending.  The thirty sessions presented were attended by a total of 220 participants throughout the four days of the roadshow, including over 100 at the St Helens Gala Gathering.

We set out to inspire, inform and connect people and ideas for the pprupse of building upon the optimism and momentum that is evolving.  If attendees have taken away just one or two ideas and acted upon them, we will see a positive difference.  On the back of the feedback we have receiveed, the Break O'Day Business Enterprise Centre intends to grow this annual event into something of even greater signifcance, we see it becoming a great drawcard to the coast.

We certainly would be interested in seeking your involvement in future events.

Dina McGuiness - BOD BEC Chairperson  

Nick Crawford - BEC Manager

Steve Walley - Event Co-ordinator

12 December 2014

Cheryl & Danielle, Red Bird | Red Bird Online

If you are looking for straightforward, honest, practical, intelligent and unbiased advice on how to run your small business better, you will find it at the Templar Group.
By far the best thing about Debra is that she is a specialist when it comes to small retail business. She has helped us refine our marketing strategies, taught us how to use social media to its full potential and encouraged us to do what is best for our business rather than just follow what everyone else is doing. We value her common sense approach and the fact that she operates in the “real world” not in theory and has the experience to back up what she says. We highly recommend the Templar Group to anyone looking for the best advice and ongoing support to make their business stand out from the rest.

Jan Bull, Fosters Little Bookshop

The book arrived this morning, thank you. Had a quick skim and all sorts of things jumped out - music, the slower the longer the customer stays, I've seen this happen in this shop. We decided to use mostly blues jazz (Blossom Deary, Ella Fitzgerald, Dianna Kraul, Nick Charles, etc) in the background and we've had so many comments about how peaceful this bookshop is - now I understand how useful that feeling is in keeping customers here.

Lynda Bredin, City of Glen Eira

Thank you so very much for a great night. We have received fabulous feedback, (every one is talking about you).
I hear that one of our mentors has been active in relaying some ideas to his client already. He is cracking the whip.
It was a great effort Debra particularly considering your rigorous schedule.

Sue Mosdall, Daisy Cow Soap

Dean and I couldn't believe how comfortable we felt with you – from the first moment we met. We showed you our products and shared with you our dreams for our business. We talked about the steps involved in the program – the good, the bad and the uglies!
There was so much hard work done in such a short time. We went from being a small business in a small town to having our own website, facebook page and fabulous stockists. The sales started rolling in! Not only have you given us some wonderful advice, you also believe in our products – having put them into the hands of some of your friends and clients. We are so grateful.

There was so much hard work done in such a short time. We went from being a small business in a small town to having our own website, facebook page and fabulous stockists. The sales started rolling in! Not only have you given us some wonderful advice, you also believe in our products – having put them into the hands of some of your friends and clients. We are so grateful.

Peter Whitehead, Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT

Debra is one of those people who instantly makes one at ease, grasps the situation and needs instantly and then produces top results. Her skills in presentation are exceptional with up to date content delivered in a witty and easy to comprehend manner. Sensational Retailing Results are what Debra is all about and I’m sure that anyone or any business that follows her advice on any and every aspect of retail culture can only benefit from the experience. I did and it worked for my business!

Nick Bowditch

“I first heard Debra speak at a few different small business seminars before I met her at a function at which we were both doing keynote presentations. Before I met her, I was impressed with her small business knowledge and her ability to cut through the rubbish and deliver good, sound business advice about retailing and customer service. When I finally met her in real life, I quickly realised that wasn’t all just an act. She is one of the best retailing and business minds in Australia and I am happy to have worked with her.”

Michelle Cobb, Shire of Moira

Debra Templar has worked in conjunction with Moira Shire Council over the last five years as a business coach, mentor, retail expert and customer service and social media guru with Moira’s retail and business community.  Deb’s wicked sense of humour, down to earth approach and amazingly good ideas have seen her become a highly demanded  speaker at Moira’s business events and workshops. Deb stays abreast of cutting edge retail and business trends and understands how to develop regional businesses to the point where they can compete on a local , national and global scale. I have no hesitation in recommending Deb for your next workshop, business event or business coaching course.

Julie Nichols, Handmade Canberra

I first heard Debra speak years ago and her words have guided me through my career ever since.
There are few people who can keep up with the level of performance and professionalism that Debra displays. Work has never been so much fun or profitable. Thanks Debra.