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Social Media Consulting

social media for small businessSocial Media is about connecting. Connecting with your customers, your community, your industry – people! And everything is in real time.

I believe that social media is simply a continuance of the instore conversations you have with your customers every single day of the week. We need to ensure that you’re not ‘broadcasting’ or talking at them but rather communicating with them, ensuring your business is front-of-mind when they’re wanting your particular goods and/or services.

There has been much debate about Social Media and how it should be used by Australian retailers. Savvy retailers know they must begin to engage their customers through Social Media networks (such as Facebook/Twitter/Linked In) but most are unsure of the strategy to implement.

As a result there are businesses attempting to capitalise on the hysteria and quickly add a few bucks to their bottom line. The challenge? The proposed solutions are often misguided and provide little return on investment.

 We can assist you with:

  • Investigating the best social media platforms for your business (some of these being facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, vimeo, tumblr, wordpress, blogger...);
  • Designing a social media strategy and calendar for your business;
  • Rejigging your current social media strategy and realigning your message so that you get results;
  • Organising a facebook or Instagram page for your business;
  • Teaching you how to successfully run facebook advertising, promotions and competitions;
  • Teaching you how to get Instagram to work for your business;
  • Understanding the various platforms and what they can do for your business;

Instead of doing little on a lot of platforms (or the same thing across all platforms, heaven forbid!) I believe we need to choose the platforms that best suit our audience (our customers) and get them working successfully for us, our business and our customers.

Here are two ebooks that could help you on your journey:

Tis the Season to be Social

Instagram for Retailers (with iphone photography tips)

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