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If you're wanting something different from the list - i.e.: retail specific - or small business focussed - and its not listed here - drop me a note, giving me an idea as to what you're wanting. There are lots of areas I work on with my private clients that I don't necessarily promote in the public arena. And, if I can't do it, I probably know someone who can.  

A sampling of Subjects:

Controlling Your Buying; Customer Service; eCommerce and What It Entails; Facebook for Retailers (advanced); Local Marketing for Retailers; Marketing to Gen Z, X, Y, Boomers and Builders; Move That Stock; Multiple Store Sales Management; Outside Sales Rep Skills; Retail Selling Skills; Retail Sales Management; Social Media Marketing; Visual Merchandising

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Controlling Your Buying

'Buy, buy, says the sign in the window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard.' boxesPaul McCartney

When will one more stroke ruin the painting?
When will one more ingredient spoil the soup?
When will one more item ruin your mix of merchandise?

Each and every piece of merchandise is important to the success of a retail store. If you have too much merchandise, it’ll stay in your store longer than it should, and your store will be crowded. You’ll eventually have to mark it down, reducing your profits.  You also risk boring your customers if they come into your store and see the same merchandise over and over again.

On the other hand, if you have too little merchandise, your store will look empty and no one wants to come to a store with empty shelves.

The goal of this seminar is to show you how to: buy merchandise; negotiate the best price; price your merchandise for maximum profits; and, finally recognise when enough is enough.  

I present buying strategies in the context of buying from a rep at a trade show, but you can use these strategies when you’re buying from anyone – anywhere.


This seminar covers:

  • Visiting a Trade Show to Buy
  • Getting Organised - what to bring to the show
  • Knowing Your Customers
  • Product Family Trees
  • Asking for Deals - Questions to Ask
  • Leaving Orders
  • Placing an Order
  • Pricing Your Merchandise
  • Managing Your Buying
  • Buying Disciplines & Tools


IDEAL AUDIENCE:  Small Business Owners and senior staff involved in buying for the business

TIMING:  2 hours

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