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If you're wanting something different from the list - i.e.: retail specific - or small business focussed - and its not listed here - drop me a note, giving me an idea as to what you're wanting. There are lots of areas I work on with my private clients that I don't necessarily promote in the public arena. And, if I can't do it, I probably know someone who can.  

A sampling of Subjects:

Controlling Your Buying; Customer Service; eCommerce and What It Entails; Facebook for Retailers (advanced); Local Marketing for Retailers; Marketing to Gen Z, X, Y, Boomers and Builders; Move That Stock; Multiple Store Sales Management; Outside Sales Rep Skills; Retail Selling Skills; Retail Sales Management; Social Media Marketing; Visual Merchandising

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Customers Are Revolting

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest learning." fed up 2Bill Gates

Not just a dated line from an old Carry On movie – the customers are truly revolting.

In an environment of bland global brands, lack of originality in products or service, mass consumerism, a total disregard for any form or sincere or authentic customer service and the ease in which we can now access a wealth of information – from researching competitive brands and prices, to talking direct to the customers of businesses we are considering doing business with (through reading reviews on mobile apps and sites, sharing our experience on blogs, facebook, twitter and other social media sites) customers are saying – enough is enough!

They are voting with their increasingly vocal skepticism. They are no longer prepared to suspend belief. They want what they want on their terms and the world is now small enough that they can always go somewhere else to find it.


In this seminar we'll share experiences from the frontline of the Customer Revolution and most importantly, endeavour to convince you that it is not a case of finding the weapons to take on the battle with your clients or your competitors. To win you must simply surrender to your customers needs.

IDEAL AUDIENCE:  Everyone at all levels involved in customer service (NOT just the front-line)

TIMING:  1 - 2 hours (depending on levels of interaction wanted and the audience)

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